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Freezing Tomatoes
Tomatoes are easily frozen in many forms. They must be used in cooked food after freezing.
Simply core and quarter, throw into a freezing bag and freeze.Use as is in soups and stews.
Tomato sauce can be frozen as is.

Dried Tomatoes
Ideally use a food dryer, as tomatoes are so moist, sun drying can be a challenge in Minnesota.
Slice fresh, ripe tomatoes 1/2 inch thick. Dry in dryer. Store in airtight container.
To use:
Eat as is for a chewy snack.
Throw into soups and stews.

Marinate tomatoes in water, olive oil, oregano, and marjoram, one hour. Great on Greek salad, or as side dish. Puree for tomato sauce.

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