Organic Farming Resources

A look into our library at the publications and resources we have found to be most practical for organic farmers.

Core Library for Organic Farmers

"Best $78 you'll ever spend--don't farm without these 4 books."

Or free digital download from SARESustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Business Plan

  • Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses | Download | MISA | Purchase | SARE

Beginning Farmers and Transition to Organic


Disease Management

Drift Protection

Farm Safety

Farm Planning Track & Skills Assessments

Food Safety


Holistic Management


Pest Management

Post Harvest Handling


Soil And Fertility Management

Weed Management


Farm Newsletters--Free Subscription

General Organic Farming Resources

Organic and Sustainable Farming Organizations

Atina's Memoir

Turn Here Sweet Corn · A master class in organic farming, a lesson in entrepreneurship, a love story, and a legal thriller. Order Now

Atina's Blog

Read Atina Diffley's Blog: What Is A Farm? at

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