Sweet Corn Breeding Project

Participatory Plant Breeding: Sweet Corn Project


Farmer: Martin Diffley, Organic Farming Works


William Tracy, Department of Agronomy, University of Wisconsin – Madison
John Navazio, Organic Seed Alliance and Washington State University


Jared Zystro, Organic Seed Alliance
Adrienne Shelton, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Organic Farming Research Foundation (Link to Project Summary OFRF)
USDA-OREI through the NOVIC project

Length of Project: 2008- 2013

Objective: Develop a sweet corn variety uniquely adapted to the climate and field conditions at Organic Farming Works. Desired characteristics include good cold soil germination and vigor with great flavor, sweetness, standability, resistance to common rust and corn smut, and yield large, well-filled ears.