Coaching and Consulting

Farm Coaching and Consulting

  • Coaching is an on-going relationship
    3 month minimum.
  • Consulting is generally one or two meetings.
    Often a visit to your site is important.

Our Goals

  • Identify and strengthen the weakest links in your farm systems.
  • Help you design and develop a successful farm based on the unique syntheses of your land, people, and business.
  • Help you identify and find the resources that you need to accomplish your goals.

“The farm is a synthesis of the land, the people, and the business. A blending. A new entity with a personality–that is the farm. No two combinations are the same; each farm is unique, with its own character.” Excerpt, Turn Here Sweet Corn: Organic Farming Works, Atina Diffley

Common Areas Of Work

  • Land Purchases: Soil and Site Evaluation Pre-Purchase
  • Developing Business Plans
  • Identifying Weakest Area Of Farm Systems
  • Balancing Farm, Family and Personal Needs
  • Transitioning to Organic Production
  • Organic Vegetable Production Systems
  • Organic Vegetable Marketing
  • Development of Short and Long-term Goals and Plans
  • Organic Weed Management
  • Organic Soil Building Systems

Small And Mid-Size Farm Equipment

  • Identifying Appropriate Equipment Systems for Your Farm: Assessment and Recommendations
  • Locate Specialty and Hard to Find Equipment and Parts
  • Appraise Farm Equipment


Coaching consists of two sessions each month for a minimum of three months—an ongoing relationship. This schedule allows us to engage at a deep level and gives you time between sessions to incorporate changes and do research. Successful system development requires time to learn, incorporate, and continue to fine tune. Sessions are conducted over the telephone or in-person on our farm. Generally your off-season is the most productive time to do this work.

Coaching Fees

$200/month—this includes two 60-minute sessions per month and email support between sessions as needed.


Consulting generally consists of one or two meetings. Often a visit to your site is important.

Consulting Fees

Fees vary depending on the extent and nature of your needs and the amount of travel required.

Call To Explore Working Together

We provide anyone interested in coaching or consulting a free 20-minute consultation to explore our working together. To schedule your call, email us, and we’ll set it up.

  • atina ( at) organicfarmingworks (dot) com
  • martin (at) organicfarmingworks (dot) com

Forms For Use in Consulting/Coaching